His smell, from the roots

Dedicated to his mother ELDA, the ELDA wines story originates from Ing. Marcello Salvatori’s activities in the renewable energy sector. It’s a story with a green spirit based on principles of sustainability, biocompatibility and strong ethics which recently started a new chapter with the opening of the first Elda Hotel, deep in the thousand-year-old Foresta Umbra in the heart of the Gargano National Park.



Thanks to our team, led by enologist Rosalia Ambrosino, over recent years ELDA Wines  has distinguished itself, because of the quality of our production, and because we’ve managed to retell the magical story of these Puglian lands, where wines are the ambassadors of Mediterranean aromas and traditions.

"Wine-making is an art"

...and a science, at the same time. It's the ability to think out of the box and improvise, when necessary.